Measure R

Measure R is a classroom modernization and safety update measure in the West Contra Costa Unified School District to repair, upgrade neighborhood schools, modernize core classrooms; provide safe, secure school environments, including updated technology and air conditioning, that improve academic achievement and provide relevant career pathways for all students, by issuing $575 million of bonds, at legal rates, averaging $34.48 million annually while bonds are outstanding, at 6¢ per $100 assessed value, with strict citizens’ oversight, annual audits and all money for local schools.

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By Mail or on March 3, 2020

Vote Yes on Measure R

We are fortunate to live in a community with outstanding neighborhood schools. The different options of programs protect our property values, improve our quality of life and prepare our students to be successful members of our society.

Yet many of our local schools were built 40 to 70 years ago. Aging classrooms with leaky roofs, outdated technology or no air conditioning require urgent upgrades. Leaky roofs disrupt classroom instruction; outdated technology puts students at a disadvantage; and classrooms without air conditioning reach uncomfortable and unsafe temperatures of up to 100 degrees put student safety in jeopardy.

The State continues to reduce funding for school facility improvements and we can’t rely on Sacramento to make these important repairs. Voting Yes on R provides a local solution to complete urgent upgrades to classrooms; science labs, student restrooms and other facilities to ensure our schools are safe and support high student achievement. Our community has been incredibly generous by supporting previous bond measures; we’re asking the community to support one more.

Impact of Measure R

Here are some of the schools that need significant repairs and upgrades and will be prioritized if Measure R passes.

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